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Prominent Syrian comedian killed in Damascus

One of Syria’s comedian legends Yasin Bakoush was killed Sunday night after he was targeted inside his car in the Damascus neighborhood of Al Asali.
The Syrian opposition condemned the regime of firing an RPG missile aimed at the 75-year-old comedian’s vehicle which immediately resulted to his death. The body was pulled out of the car by the Free Syrian Army, a tape which was uploaded to YouTube by activists showed. An identification card along with a his passport were shown in the tape as evidence to confirm the body.

Syrian musician Malek Jandali, who was one of the regime’s targeted opposition figures since the escalation of the conflicted posted onto his personal social media account on Facebook his condolences for all Syrian’s over Bakoush’s loss.
“RIP Yasin and all the innocent martyrs, civilian, women and children,” Jandali wrote in his post.
A father of 11, Bakoush was viewed as one of the main founders and leading figures of the generation of the Syrian comedy. He was famously recognized for playing the role of a “mentally challenged” guy, but was loved by people across Syria.
“It’s such a shame to lose a figure who always painted smiles for all Syrians, even during the midst of our pain,” said a Syrian journalist who wished to remain unidentified. ” How can we relate the smile he always shared with the disturbing image the war has painted his end with?”

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